Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos/Minor Characters


As you guys can see from the title this is going to be a rule-breaker post.

I was going to apologize/delete this previously prepared post, but then I thought…Nah!

Instead I thought I’d explain how we arrived at today’s post. As many of you know (because you’re awesome and have sent DMs via this blog/my Goodreads page), I’ve had a crazy month. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes! Let’s turn to the bullet points!

In the month of August, I have:

  • Participated in a full day of wedding rehearsal/wedding prep activities
  • Gave a teary speech at said wedding rehearsal dinner
  • Proudly stood as a bridesmaid in a friend’s gorgeous wedding
  • Spent several evenings in the hospital because my pregnant best friend was admitted for monitoring
  • Threw an impromptu baby shower — with less than 48 hours notice — so my BFF’s mom (who was only in town for a few days) could attend
  • Went to the dentist — twice
  • Reminded my bestie what a warrior she was when she was dealing with the aftermath of delivering her beautiful baby girl at only 29 weeks and 1 day
  • Attended 3 birthday dinners
  • Witnessed my sister-in law get engaged
  • Celebrated another friend’s engagement
  • Saw a Total Solar Eclipse/technically a partial solar eclipse here in Texas…
  • Watched 4 films at the movie theater
  • Donated to the Red Cross to aid my great state from these horrible floods. Click here if you’d also like to donate!
  • AND…survived the Game of Thrones finale

In addition to daily obligations (working, taking care of puppers, reading, listening to the new T-Swift on repeat, etc.), you can see why my mind has clearly been elsewhere.

Now this list is not meant to sound all “woe is me,” but rather to provide insight on how this hodgepodge of a post came to be. With all the stuff that’s been going on I somehow didn’t realize that:

1) The Broke and the Bookish is apparently BACK from hiatus — and has been for 3 WEEKS!!! I missed that memo and prepared another callback category instead of today’s actual topic. *Facepalm*

2) I somehow confused previous #TTT categories with today’s current Top 5 Tuesday post (Fave Sidekicks). *Facepalm…again*

To recover — hopefully — I’m going to present my list of side characters by blending the dual #TTT categories of Dynamic Duos/Minor Characters.

So without further ado, I present to you my “Top Ten Dynamic Duos (DD)/Minor Characters (MC).”

1) & 2) DD: Poppet & Widget from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

As my most recent read this enchanting story is still fresh in my mind. But even if it wasn’t I think I’d list these magical twins first every time. They snuck up on me, and soon became my favorite characters in the book. Sidenote: I could go on about Widget (the opening line, his tent, his gift, etc.) for days so message me if you want to hash it out!

3) MC: Reagan from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Reagan is an ideal roommate and character clash for our dear MC, Cath. Reagan is confident, charismatic, compassionate, and is able to dish out tough love like nobody’s business. And although she’s not the inventor of the Emergency Kanye Dance Party, I think it’s safe to say that we could all use some Reagan in our lives.

4) MC: Nikolai from The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Earlier this year I was introduced to the Grishaverse and my newest book boyfriend pirate privateer, Nikolai. And sure, I’m total trash for him, but in all honesty, he stole the dang show. His cheeky remarks and witty banter with Alina kept the pages turning and skyrocketed him to one of my all-time fave minor characters.

5) MC: Kiersten from Point of Retreat/ the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover

Any CoHo fan out there knows that reading her books will lead to tears — lots of them. And her debut series definitely established that precedent. Kiersten, a precocious 11-year-old who shows up in book two, is that sassy breath of fresh air that steals scenes and hearts with her unique spin on cursing! #ButterflyYou

6) MC: Chip “The Colonel” Martin from Looking for Alaska by John Green

Similar to Reagan from #3, “The Colonel” serves as the fearless leader of his crew, and role model/roommate to our MC, Miles/Pudge. While a lot of characters brought the drama, the Colonel kept it real while giving off serious T.J. Detweiler vibes.

7) MC: Gus from Bright Side by Kim Holden

I’ve talked about this book previously and still believe it is one of the most underrated/under-reviewed contemps out there! Hopefully if I keep shamelessly promoting it you’ll read it…seriously click the link it’s free with Kindle Unlimited! See, shameless! Anyways, Gus is the lead singer of a widely popular rock band, and best friend to Bright Side herself. He’s talented, caring, and understands how to balance Bright Side’s emotions. Their bond is palpable and makes you crave that kind of relationship in your own life. Gus even earned himself his own self-titled spin-off.

8) MC: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Immediately, I feel like people are going to be like: “Hello? Dynamic Duo would be Ron AND Hermione!!!” And honestly I’m with you, they’re a great duo. However, in my opinion, Hermione is no one’s sidekick. She is in no way a minor character. She has her own story lines, goals, and accomplishments and doesn’t balance Harry out like Ron does. Ron is that true-blue friend that always knows the right thing to say…if you forget about the whole leaving during DH bit…

9) & 10) DD: The Court of Dreamers from ACOMAF & ACOWAR by Sarah J. Maas

Photo Credit to: Pages Unbound

And finally, my fave supporting cast the Court of Dreamers. And yeah, yeah, there’s more than 2 of them, but I don’t care. They were the fae family I never knew I wanted and I’m happy I found them. Since I feel like I need solid names for 9 & 10 I’ll say my favorites are Cassian and Amren.


There you have it! My fave duo’s and minor characters. Did we share any favorites? Any that should have made my list, but didnt! I look forward to your thoughts! And as always: Happy Reading!

29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos/Minor Characters

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Seriously when it came to HP I was like…idk the book?? It could have been anyone Neville, Luna, the twins, Dobby, but I had to give it to Ron. Although it’s probably because my family legitimately quotes that “Not me, not Hermione, you” scene all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. theabominablebookgirl says:

    First, you are hilarious so I am happy I found your blog. Second, you are officially pardonned and deserve a fantastic driend award because wow. Third…yay fellow Texan. Fourth, majority of your list is basically the middle bit of my current tbr.


    • Nerd Narration says:

      Oh my gosh you’re too funny and kind! Thanks for getting my humor and for the award. I don’t have a speech prepared so I’ll have to get back to you 😉 Where about in Texas are you? #YayFellowTexan Hopefully there wasn’t too many spoilers in here for your TBRs! What are you currently reading?


      • theabominablebookgirl says:

        I am in the city the rain tried to sweep away; Houston. Also, I am currently reading Cinder & Ella Happily Ever After. I am sad you don’t have a speech prepared. I shall forgive you because you have been successfully adulting and what not.


      • Nerd Narration says:

        Oh my goodness! Are you doing okay down there (I’m in Dallas)? I have a ton of friends in Houston and some lost everything and some only were without power sporadically.

        Back to books, is that a sequel to Cinder & Ella or is that just the whole title and I never realized it! Thanks so much for acknowledging my adulting. lol


      • theabominablebookgirl says:

        No, where I live we were lucky and only lost power for a little bit. The wind was nuts but there was no major damage done.

        Yes! It is the second one and I have been dragging my feet to read it. Why? I have issues.


      • Nerd Narration says:

        So glad to know you were in safe part of town. I’ve been watching videos my friends are sending me and it’s just unimaginable. I’m trying to find some places to volunteer up here this weekend to try and aid in any way.

        As for Cinder & Ella, I haven’t read, but I’ve heard good things. Is the sequel not as good or it’s a lack of motivation thing?


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