Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Struggled To Get Through

Top Ten Tuesday #7

Happy Tuesday, book fam! Sorry I’m late to today’s party! *Inserts shameless Hamilton reference*


 I originally wasn’t going to participate in today’s topic because I honestly wasn’t sure I could come up with 10 books I actually “struggled to get through.” But after work while I was sitting in my library perusing books from my childhood to required readings to everything acquired since, I started laughing. I could definitely come up with 10.

My twist on today’s topic? Half of the books on my list will be books I feel weren’t ultimately worth the hours of drudging effort. While the other half will be ones that won me over by their endings.

Here goes! My “Top Ten Books I Struggled To Get Through.”

1) The Good Girl by Mary Kubica 

I’d like to blame the hype, but even with lowered expectations I don’t think this book and I will ever see eye to eye. There were parts that I enjoyed, but they were hidden between essays of details I didn’t care about and character perspectives that all sounded the same. I do give kudos to the cover artist for luring me in.

2) A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

First up in the required reading section of this list is a book that actually won me over. It’s vulgar. It’s dark. But it keeps you invested in the droogs — if you can get over having to resort to the glossary every 19.5 seconds.

3) East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Quickly wrapping up the required reading section of this list, I bring you the book that almost made me drop out of AP English. I get that it’s a classic y’all, I do. I get that there’s a beautiful biblical story revealed throughout the pages, but c’mon guys. The ENTIRE first chapter is about the geographical complexities and history of a valley. It discusses topsoil for an entire paragraph. Topsoil. Moving on…

4) Insurgent by Veronica Roth

What would a struggle bus list be without some “second book syndrome” teen reads? Maybe it’s because I was so hyped from the first installment, or maybe it was the time spent with Amity — do I have something against farms?? — but this book took me a bit to warm up to. Luckily, Roth pulled me back in and I stuck around through the sobfest formerly known as Allegiant.

5) New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

So…I liked the tiny bit that featured the Volturi — that was new and somewhat interesting. As for the rest? I probably should have just reread Twilight instead. Perhaps it was because as a teenager I was fiercely #TeamEdward and didn’ want to read hundreds of pages sans my favorite glittering vampire…but the more obvious reason was it was pages upon pages of Bella doing facepalm things while being forced into a “love triangle” that NO ONE believed or supported. *Morphs back into adult and steps away from former teen obsession*

6) The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

I won’t let you think for a second that I didn’t absolutely adore this time-hopping love story, because I did. But that wonky timeline definitely got the better of me! I was constantly stopping to figure out the math on how old Henry was/how old Claire was/how much time had passed since the last passage. It wasn’t until about halfway through that I ditched the notes and just started reading hoping it would all pan out.

7) Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott

“You know those books that are just so predictable and cheesy that you just can’t get behind,” she asks while sucking in her bottom lip. Line from the book? My trash talk? You guess…

8) Something Blue by Emily Giffin

I was late to the Emily Giffin fanwagon, but I’m glad I caught it at a later stop. Something Blue was one of those books that took me a second to fully support. Namely because Giffin did such a great job of making me despise Darcy during Something Borrowed. But Darcy gets her love and her redemption and I’m glad I stuck around!

9) And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 

This is one of those books that everyone loves…except for me. I don’t know what it was — the hype, the history, the Lifetime miniseries, but this one just fell flat for me. I kept reading waiting for that amazing twist and I just wasn’t impressed. Sorry! Please don’t hate me fellow book nerds!

10) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

And finally the one I refuse to stop talking about! All three of those are links to my thoughts on the journey that is The Night Circus. 

Well there you have it! A list of my former struggles. Did we share any? Have my choices angered you? Let me know!

And as always, happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Struggled To Get Through

    • Nerd Narration says:

      I did actually set it down about 200 pages in and read like 3 or so books and then returned to it, which I’m now thankful for. As I described in my review, it’s not instant gratification, but I think it turned out to be worth it.

      But for real it’s like my longest reading time on all of my GR records lol

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