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Top Ten Tuesday #28

Book nerds I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but someone’s page has been aflutter with activity recently. In fact, that same someone has actually managed to post three days in a row!!! And if you haven’t put it together yet, I’m here to tell you that someone is Now I’m aware that for some of you this is just expected/the norm. Some of you, in fact, might be hardcore judging me for celebrating such a minor accomplishment, but guess what? Imma do it anyways! =D

And for those of you that might have missed this week’s previous posts you can check them out here: #SundayShelfie & May, June, July Wrap Up! Moving on…

Today’s post is brought to you by my favorite weekly meme: TOP TEN TUESDAY hosted by Jana at ThatArtsyReaderGirlConfession time: I actually LOVE this week’s prompt! I’m always down to celebrate and support fellow bloggers/bookstagrammers/booktubers and creators, and I can’t wait to see who y’all lift up today! And I fully intend on making my own Top Ten list of favorite blogging buddies one day. HOWEVER, today is not that day. You see, I missed out on a prompt I was really looking forward to a few week’s back and decided there’s no time like the present to get it crossed off my list. So I’m recycling the July 24th topic and showing off my TOP TEN SENSORY READS (or the books that are linked back to specific memories in my life). Shall we dive on in to memory lane?

bc11) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

I’ve said it before (and I’ll probably say it again) but this is a book I’m confident I’ll never forget. It was one of the first books I purchased while studying abroad in Australia and I can vividly remember all the places it was read. It was my travel companion on the metro riding to and from my internship. It was my time-filler before rehearsals in the theater wing. It was my tear absorber at 3 a.m. during those final devastating pages. And at the end of the day, I love that I can see that book on my shelf and instantly be taken back to a different time, a different person, and a different hemisphere.

2) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Unlike The Book Thief, Sharp Objects was actually brought from the States to my semester+ Down Under. During our Easter Break, my roommates and I took a vacation down the Australian coast. Between scuba diving in Cairns and camping on the dingo-infested Fraser Island it was definitely an eventful two weeks. Two days of that trip were spent sailing through the Whitsundays and when I wasn’t catching rays on the Rum Runner’s desk, I was devouring my first Flynn thriller. Check out the photo for proof (it’s not so well hidden between my legs).Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 8.24.17 PM

3) Nevernight by Jay Kristoff 

On the final night of my buddy read with J.W. I went to dinner with my hubby. I left my signed, personalized, first edition copy of Nevernight on the couch like I do with all my daily reads. But for some reason on that fateful night my dog decided to go #stabstabstab on my copy. I came home to find SHREDS of my beloved book strewn about my living room. I’ll spare you my reaction because it was straight up embarrassing, and instead let you know that Jay made it right and sent me a replacement copy complete with Mr. Kindly drawings!!! And now Mia’s mantra of #NeverForget has a whole new meaning!

4) Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen 

If pressed I’m not certain I could give you many details about this book’s content today. I know it features a nursing home, a circus, and a forbidden love story, but beyond that I’m coming up blank. But despite my memory loss, I can tell you that this book swallowed me whole. I was completely absorbed by Gruen’s world and can actually remember reading pages between red lights while driving to and from class in Columbia because I didn’t want to put it down. That desire to stay between the pages isn’t something I come across often and for that I will always view this book fondly.

5) The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas 

I could go on and on about the importance of this book and the conversations it has — and will continue to have — inspired. But beyond the subject matter and the syntax, this book will always be important to me because it was the first book I ever got signed. Yes, I’m one lucky book nerd because I can say my first ever author meet & greet was with the one & only Angie Thomas. I remember being mesmerized by her words (as well as the other talented authors at the event) and simply flabbergasted when it came time to speak to her. I can’t wait to add to the memories when the movie hits theaters this October.


6) Slammed by Colleen Hoover 

Although this wasn’t my first foray into Hoover’s works, it is the title that holds one of my strongest CoHort memories — and that’s saying something given her ability to pull at the heartstrings. After seeing an amazing Coldplay concert with my parents and hubby, I decided to start this contemporary to wind down from the night. Little did I know that when I finally set the book down it would be at 6 a.m. that morning when I FINISHED the novel. I’ll never forget silently sobbing while reading this book on the floor of my childhood bathroom so I didn’t wake my hubby. I lost hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it!

7) Nyxia by Scott Reintgen 

Beyond the fact that this was one of my favorite reads of 2017, this Sci-Fi thriller will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the very first ARC I ever received. Y’all know what a big deal and turning point that is for book bloggers and I’m so fortunate that my first approval was for a book I adored so much. This was also the book that first made me feel like I was part of this community because: 1) It was requested after reading my twin’s review, which cemented my trust in their opinions and eventually led to friendship ❤ and 2) It was the first time one of my reviews was shouted out and made me feel like my voice mattered; that someone not only read what I wrote, but felt it too! I’m still so grateful to both of these ladies (Mel & Lilly) and their actions that made me feel valid in this space. *Side note: I’m curious what was YOUR first ARC? Let me know below!*

8) Paper Princess by Erin Watt 

This book is one this list for one reason and one reason alone: that freaking cliffhanger ending. I finished this book in my office one afternoon and after reading that final page — and that rage-inducing conclusion — I ran to my computer to order the next installment in the series. Imagine my horror upon discovering I would have to wait MONTHS for that next book to be published! I might have lost my sanity, y’all. One minute I was holding my recently completed book and next thing I knew my book was flying across the lobby in efforts to curtail my rage. It’s the only time I remember physically throwing a novel and hopefully it will be my last.

9) Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson 

In addition to being my first approval for Penguin’s First to Read program, this snarky contemporary served as my very first buddy read with my teacher girl Destiny. I’ve been so blessed this past year to learn the ins & outs of how this wonderful community works, and D has been such a guiding light for me. She’s helped me reach so many blogging milestones and I am very thankful for her constant advice and feedback. As for the book, it goes without saying (disregard that I’m actually saying it) that this will always be a memorable read for me!

10) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

And finally we wrap with the world’s most obvious choice. But honestly, would any sensory reading list be complete without Harry Potter? I mean what else even needs to be said? This was the series that started it all for me. Two decades ago, a young preteen me was sitting in my grandparent’s condo in Florida reading: “Harry — yer a wizard” by lamplight. And even then I knew my world would never be the same. No matter my age this magical series will #Always hold some of my fondest memories: midnight book releases, midnight movie premiers, costume parties, crying to my boyfriend after the forest scene in Deathly Hallows, drinking frozen Butterbeer at Universal Studios, engagement photos, and more. “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

That’s it for this week’s TTT! I know I’m late to the party, but I hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit more about me and some of my most memorable reads. Which sensory reads made your list? Did we share any titles? Let me know below! 

And, as always: Happy Reading!





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    • Nerd Narration says:

      Thanks, Siobhan! I’m obviously extremely biased when it comes to Jay (especially now), but I would totally recommend diving into his works asap! Whether it’s the sci-fi Illuminae series or the dark vendetta stories in Nevernight!


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