Top Ten Tuesday: Author Meet & Greets — The Writers I’ve LOVED Meeting

Top Ten Tuesday #35

Hey there, book nerds!

First and foremost, today is my dad’s birthday! And even though I’m 100 percent sure he’s not reading this right now, I feel compelled to wish him the best the world has to offer on his big day! ❤ And if that’s too Daddy’s Girl for you, let’s just move on to today’s post…

That’s right, y’all, it’s time for another round of TOP TEN TUESDAY!Hosted by Jana at ThatArtsyReaderGirl, this week’s topic is devoted to “Authors I’d Love to Meet.” And while I could easily rattle off a few choice selections (J.K. Rowling, Amy Harmon, Stephen King, SJM, Courtney Summers, Scott Reintgen, Colleen Hoover, George R.R. Martin, Elle Kennedy, and Caroline Kepnes…did I just cheat there?) I decided to twist the topic to: Top Ten Authors I LOVED Meeting! I’ve been thank-your-lucky-stars fortunate to have met all these talented individuals over the past year and I can’t wait to see who else I’ll get to meet by the end of 2018. So scroll on and check out my list of TOP TEN AUTHORS I’VE LOVED MEETING!

*I would like to point out that these are not ranked in any particular order!*

1) Angie Thomas, Julie Murphy, & Ally CarterHope Nation Launch Party 

ladiesThis February, I attended my first ever meet & greet and boy did it deliver in spectacular fashion. I did a whole write up on the event, the interactions, and the signings, which remains my blog’s most popular post to date. Click the link above to learn more about what gives these lovely ladies hope in our ever-evolving world.

2) Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman  – Obsidio Book Tour 

bc1This Aussie duo came to my actual hometown of all places and couldn’t have been kinder. They stayed for SIX+ HOURS — after the event — to ensure every single person that attended got photos and whatever number of books they brought signed. I discovered…just now actually…that I haven’t done my write up for this hilarious event. So stay tuned for a super delayed, but super entertaining post filled with their shenanigans. *Yes, Amie & I ARE fangirling about Hamilton in that photo on the left*

3) Leigh BardugoNorth Teen Texas Book Festival 18 

bc4This April I attended my FIRST ever book festival and I was not prepared. I think I fared pretty well with my first solo venture (click the link to read more about my adventures), but to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. One thing I KNOW I did right was arriving early enough to secure a sacred wristband that earned me the right to meet, greet, and fangirl about Nikolai with Queen B herself! ❤

*These next few are all going to be from the festival, because it was a festival, but I’m only including authors I actually interacted with and met one-on-one*

4) Stephanie Garber – NTTBF (see link in #3)

Stephanie was actually the very first author that signed one of my books. We talked pre-order swag for Legendary (read: she told me how to “get the good stuff”) and couldn’t have been sweeter. She made sure that every person in her epic line got their moment with her. Because she was my first author I completed blanked and forgot to take a photo with her =(

5) Holly Black – NTTBF (See link in #3)

IMG_4155That’s right, y’all. Thanks to this wonderful festival I got to see the elf-ears in person. Beyond meeting her and getting my book signed, I also got to watch her dole out advice on two panels, and she even answered one of my questions on one of them! =D And in case you’re wondering the photo featured is from the second panel where I got to see Cassandra Clare, Jenny Han, and Siobhan Vivian up close and personal! Fun Fact: People literally burst into tears when Cassie walked into the room — like I said, I wasn’t prepared for the fandom lol.

6) Nic Stone – NTTBF (See link in #3) 

IMG_4497This was the most surprising meet & greet for me out of all the authors I interacted with at NTTBF. Namely because she had no line and I couldn’t believe it because she is a gem, y’all. A gem. I left my copy of Dear Martin in the car because I was convinced her line would be beyond packed and I only had an hour devoted to signings. While in line for Sabaa, I realized I had secured an ARC of Odd One Out and jumped lines to have her sign it. When I told her I was shocked by her availability given how powerful DM was and that I was kicking myself for not having my personal copy on me, she took matters into her own hands. She signed my post it so I could transfer it over to my DM copy. She was so nice, inquisitive, and gave the best compliments. I’m so thankful I got to meet her.

7) Tiffany D. Jackson – NTTBF (See link in #3) 

Y’all Tiffany was a trip — and I mean that in the most positive way. She was super fashionable, friendly, and just exuded personality. Before I could even fangirl about Allegedly with her, she went full compliment mode on my leather jacket, which made me feel super special. Dorky or not, when someone you admire compliments you it makes your whole dang day. We talked about that book’s insane ending, the kickass narrator of the audiobook, and what was next in the pipeline. For a short interaction, she definitely made an impression.

8) Sabaa Tahir – NTTBF (See link in #3) 

img_4159.jpgNot going to lie, I didn’t know much about Sabaa before meeting her at a villain’s panel back in April, but man did she come to play. I knew within 30 seconds that she was my kind of author. She’s so funny, down-to-Earth, and  totally hijacked control on that panel, which I personally found hysterical. She gave out killer advice and made everything relatable. Outside of Holly, she was my favorite person on this panel that included E. Lockhart, Claire Legrand, and Michelle Hodkin. Her signing line was insane so I’m clearly not alone in the appreciation of Ms. Tahir.

9) Robin Roe – NTTBF (See link in #3) 

The last person I met (outside of Leigh) at NTTBF was Robin Roe. When I had her sign my copy of A List of Cages she told me she asks all her readers the same two questions: 1) Did you cry? and 2) Where did you cry? She seemed to find amusement if it was done in a public or inappropriate place and I’m honestly not sure what to do with that information lol.

10) Tessa Gratton & Natalie C. ParkerStrange Grace Launch Party

BC1.jpgMy most recent meet & greet took place just a few weeks ago and I’m so thrilled I was able to attend. Not only did I acquire a few new books, but I also have a newfound appreciation for these lovely ladies who I believe would make excellent dinner party companions. Natalie was bubbly, entertaining, and full of feminist energy. And Tessa…Tessa blew me away with her commentary, insights, and intellect. I feel like I could learn so much from this pair and a few hours in the library simply wasn’t enough.

I hope you guys enjoyed this insight into some of my favorite authors I’ve been able to meet during 2018! Have any of you met these talented peeps? Did any of these authors make it on your lists this week? Let me know below!!

And, as always: Happy Reading!



16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Author Meet & Greets — The Writers I’ve LOVED Meeting

  1. alilovesbooks says:

    The only one I’ve met from your list is Leigh Bardugo who did an event in Edinburgh with Rainbow Rowell. They make a pretty awesome double act.

    I’ve also seen Cassie Clare and Holly Black but the event was insane so I chose not to hang around for the signing and instead headed off to see Joe Hill and MR Carey.

    I would absolutely love to see Jay Kristoff so I’m v jealous. I follow him on Twitter and he’s hilarious. Don’t think they’ve ever made it to the UK 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Wow I bet meeting Joe Hill was cool! And I’ve seen those lines in person so I totally get it!! Jay and Amie’s meet & greet was so funny. I laughed so hard and their chemistry was like off the charts. I can see why they make such good writing partners.


  2. may says:


    Liked by 1 person

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Hahah! As I was telling Melanie this is basically just a list of famous people I’ve embarrassed myself in front of lol! But for real I’m so thankful for this community that opened my eyes to amazing meet & greets and talent around me! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nerd Narration says:

      This is why I love this post because I get to talk to other readers that GET IT! When I was in line to meet Leigh I was running late to meet my hubby to head over to his dad’s for a Foo Fighters concert. And he was texting me every 5 minutes like just bail and I was like I AM NOT BAILING ON MEETING LEIGH WHILE I AM 10 FEET AWAY FROM HER!!! lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Meeghan reads says:

    Jay and Amie are the greatest!! I love that I live in the same city as them because they’re so kind and sweet. I accidentally stalked Jay from a train station as we were going to the same bookstore. He’s kind of hard to miss at like 11 feet tall….

    Liked by 1 person

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