Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 10

Hello again, my beloved book nerds!!


Welcome back my trusted followers! I promise you’re in for a treat! If you missed out on this morning’s post, give it a click, because Siobhan deserves your time and attention! 😊

Full disclosure: I’m writing this post late on Sunday night, so I can’t tell you how the rest of my Monday’s gone, but I’m hoping it’s been an easy day! I’m also hoping I’ve caught up on my Squad BR of Illuminae, hit my target page count for my new BR with Destiny, and made the final touches to tomorrow’s blog tour review! Do we think this is possible…at all??

In case you’re new to my holiday-themed series, or if you’ve missed the previous posts here’s a quick recap for you:

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, I’ll be highlighting one content creator that has made an impact in my bookish life. Each post will feature a mini bio on the day’s selected star, all of the links to their fabulous content, and a special holiday-themed glimpse into their lives.


It’s time to open up our first double-digit door! Shall we see who’s behind door #10 on my Holiday ADVENTure?holly


Emma from Emma Reads Too Much!

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 12.57.02 AMI’m not certain I’m witty enough to summarize all the things I adore about Emma in such a small space, so I’m just gonna brag on her instead! And there’s nothing she can do to stop me! 😉

Emma has one of the strongest — and funniest — voices I’ve encountered in the past year! Notorious for her “unpopular opinion,” 1-Star reviews (seriously she’s rocking a 2.96 average rating on Goodreads), this Bostonian is pleased with her ruthlessness. As she sees it, she “hands out 1-star ratings to your faves like they’re dolla bills.” But it’s never just to do so, and never without cause. Playful with her formatting and font selection — as if to emphasizing speaking points — Emma’s uncensored “rants” are LONG, but totally worth the time! I personally think it’s a major achievement that she can make me laugh out loud to scathing reviews of some of my most beloved books! And clearly I’m not alone in enjoying Emma’s snark and humor, because she’s frequently listed in the top 15 best reviewers on Goodreads here in the States. The ability to find such a distinct voice is a skill I wish I possessed now, let alone when I was her age!

Emma is about to graduate college with an English degree because “her twin passions in life are books & unemployment.” 😂 Jokes aside, I’m certain this classics-loving reader is going to be just fine. I’m super impressed with what I’ve seen throughout the past year, and I’m sure you will be too! If you’re looking for someone who’s super into Alice, Parks & Rec, gorgeous rainbow bookshelves, or The Raven Cycle, please check out her links below and give her a follow!


1) What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays/favorite holiday tradition?

Absolutely every year I watch the film White Christmas, usually multiple times, because it is a cinematic masterpiece and I love it. We’ve got Rosemary Clooney, Vermont, Bing Crosby, bare minimum 2 of the all time greatest Christmas songs, dance numbers, inexplicable songs, inside jokes about World War II. Trains. What more could you want?

candy-line2) What is your favorite holiday scent? Or favorite holiday movie if you don’t have a fave scent? 

I am obsessed with holiday scents, except not peppermint. Or any of the weird ones like eggnog or gingerbread. But hit me with some cinnamon or some sugar cookie or pine type thing and I am IN. A cozy candle = where it’s at.

candy-line3) What is your favorite holiday drink or dish?

Truly there are few things I love more than a hot beverage, so in that way I peak in the month of December. (But only in that way, because otherwise I’m perpetually cold and crying because finals.) I love coffee, I love hot chocolate, I love hot cider. I thrive at this time.

candy-line4) What is your favorite holiday jam?

I CAN’T PICK A FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG. It’s a huge flaw on my part. I just love too much Christmas music. I will say that I can rap every word to “Drummer Boy” by Justin Bieber (feat. Busta Rhymes), but I am not saying that is my favorite Christmas song because it is, objectively, some of the worst music ever produced.

*You know you wanted to hear the rap after reading that…and now who’s day is brighter imaging Emma jamming along?*

candy-line5) What is the number 1 book you hope Santa/family friend brings you?

I have been so, so good this year (easily on the nice list) about not buying books and it is BREAKING ME. I am not meant for this lifestyle. I just want to be financially irresponsible and also surrounded by books. But since Santa is magic, maybe he can bring me a copy of 99 Percent Mine. It’s not out yet but um…I really really want it? (My version of “Santa Baby” just involves unreleased books.)

   candy-line6) What is something you’re thankful for in 2018?

2018 was kind of a tough year in a lot of ways, but it taught me a lot about myself and my goals, and I think I’m coming out a lot stronger for it. And I’m grateful for that. Shoutout to Kelly Clarkson for being right about the stuff that doesn’t kill you making you stronger. Except shark attacks, which probably wouldn’t do that.

candy-line7) What’s one of your goals for 2019?

I GRADUATE COLLEGE IN 2019. Cue: me dying of stress and panic. My goal for this year is to not die of stress and panic, and also reach the end of the year being paid money to do something I like. Which feels unfathomably unrealistic right now.

candy-lineScreen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.02.17 AM

Dec. 1: Kaleena🎄Dec. 2: Meeghan🎄Dec. 3: Heather🎄Dec. 4: Mia🎄Dec. 5: Spencer🎄Dec. 6: Nicole🎄Dec. 7: Destiny🎄Dec. 8: Michaela🎄Dec. 9: Siobhan🎄Dec. 10: Emma

candy-lineThank you guys so much for coming back to check out the first DOUBLE DIGIT stop along my #HolidayADVENTure! I’m certain Emma’s humor was worth your visit and I hope you enjoyed learning about how she spends the holiday! Come back tomorrow for another full day of double posting! Happy holidays and happy reading!




26 thoughts on “Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 10

  1. Kelly Brigid says:

    Loving these ADVENTure posts so much, Taylor! Emma is absolutely amazing! She’s so funny, and makes me crack up all the time! I love how she isn’t afraid to share her opinions. Her blog is so genuine and I can’t help but find myself always eagerly anticipating her posts! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Kelly thank you so much for the feedback!! It means more than you know! And I absolutely agree and love what you said about Emma because it’s so true! Her posts are ALWAYS insta-clicks for me, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Happy reading, love! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. may says:

    emmmaaaa ❤️❤️❤️ seriously love this girl so much, her posts are the highlight of my blogging career and her roasts are always hilariously entertaining. im so happy to see her featured with so many fantastic bloggers ❤

    hot chocolate is always a mood, anytime of the year, during any weather. good luck on not dying of stress or panic in 2019, emma

    Liked by 2 people

  3. bookishinbed says:

    The moment you said Emma is known for her unpopular opinion, I was sold. I love reading people review why they don’t like books. I don’t know what it is. I plan to follow her blog and goodreads. I am very excited to see what book she isn’t a fan of. Also I was dying at the “hands out 1-star ratings to your faves like they’re dolla bills.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Hahah! Yay I’m glad I could introduce y’all because she’s hysterical!

      Sometimes I get cranky reading unpopular reviews because people seemingly repeat the same 1-3 facts and sometimes it comes off as doing it just to be contrary. But Emma’s always make me laugh because you can tell she means it by how she backs it up. So I hope you enjoy them!

      Liked by 1 person

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