Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 19

Afternoon, book nerds!


First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!! Personally I had a ton of fun, but between celebrating with 3 families, work, and emergency vet visits, my “free time” was pretty much nonexistent.

Due to the fact that I would have been shortchanging family time during the holidays AND that the remaining creators I wanted to highlight also noted they’d be social media absent during the holidays I felt postponing this series made the most sense. And I know not everyone celebrates the holidays and a lot of you chose to continue blogging throughout it, but I just felt it wouldn’t land right. Which is why you’re getting super delayed after-the-holiday holiday posts! =D I mean even though it’s late, who doesn’t wish the holidays lasted a little bit longer after the fact, right??

Since it’s been a few days, here’s a quick recap of my holiday-themed series:

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 25(ish), I’ll be highlighting one content creator that has made an impact in my bookish life. Each post will feature a mini bio on the day’s selected star, all of the links to their fabulous content, and a special holiday-themed glimpse into their lives.


Are we ready to dive back in to my Holiday ADVENTure and peek behind door #19?holly


Chandler from Chandler Ainsley!

Chan is probably the newest (to me) bookish creator I’ve interacted with on this list, but her humor and unfiltered honesty have carved out a permanent place on my feeds. Odds are if I’m laughing out loud to a snarky tweet on TwitterScreen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.33.53 PM, or adding a new steamy read to my TBR pile, Chan’s the gal behind it!

Launching her Booktube channel just FOUR months ago, this Whataburger-loving Slytherin has already attracted 2,500+ followers. Personally, I think it’s because she’s staying true to her roots! #TexasPride, y’all! (Sorry that was stereotypical AF, but as a fellow Texan, I couldn’t resist!) But what I mean is whether she’s laying down some Booktube truths while eating Chick-fil-A in her car, breaking down the seemingly little discussed romance genre complete with smutty titles, or discussing her favorite fandom whilst drinking a spicy Coke her words just feel genuine, relatable, and delivered as if you’re speaking to your foul-mouthed bestie. And that, to me, is a quality that’s truly refreshing in a medium that tends to lean a little to the theatrical side.

And speaking of favorite fandoms, Chan has recently taken her love of all things Twilight and created an entertaining weekly podcast, video segment, and book club (see #7) devoted to the love-it-or-hate-it series. Co-hosted with her boyfriend, the Dumb B*tch Book Club flashes many of us back to our first foray into fandom culture and helps revisit Forks in all its glittering glory.

Twihard or not, if you haven’t yet explored Chan’s platforms, do yourselves a favor and give her a follow.


1) What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays/favorite holiday tradition?

I absolutely love driving around the city and looking at houses all lit up with lights. I used to do it growing up, but now my boyfriend Haden and I do it here in Austin. I can’t get enough.candy-line

2) What is your favorite holiday scent? Or favorite holiday movie if you don’t have a fave scent?

If it smells like a Bath and Body Works in winter I’m in. Trees, cranberries, apples, SPICE, I genuinely don’t care. Gimme all of it!candy-line

3) What is your favorite holiday drink or dish?

Full disclosure my mom is an absolutely TERRIBLE chef, but she somehow manages to pull off pretty solid desserts. My favorite are her blondies that she always makes around Christmas time. It wouldn’t be the holidays without me sneaking a few of those off to my room to eat while I read. candy-line

4) What is your favorite holiday jam?

Oh God, give me ALL of the emo Christmas bops. I’ll Be Home for Christmas? Blue Christmas? Make me FEEL something, Santa!

*Note: Chan didn’t specifically mention Elvis, but I feel like I can’t associate “Blue Christmas” with any other artist so…*candy-line

5) What is the number 1 book you hope Santa/family friend brings you?

My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris!

Mostly cause she’s pricey, but also I started getting more into graphic novels this year and have heard nothing but good things about this one.

Dunno why I used to think that graphic novels were just big kid picture books, but after reading webcomics like Heartstopper and graphic novels like Fence I’ve changed my tune.candy-line

6) What is something you’re thankful for in 2018?

Is it lame to say friends? Friends. I didn’t start Booktube with any grand ambitions really but the friendships that have come out of this year have taken me by surprise in the best possible way. Not a day has gone by without me talking to at least 1 new friend, and I couldn’t be more grateful. All platforms in this community continuously surprise me with how wonderfully welcoming everyone is.candy-line

7) What’s one of your goals for 2019?

Put out 2 new podcasts! What can I say, what is ambition unless it kills ya? Jokes aside, creating my Dumb B*tch Book Club podcast this year has been such a passion project of mine and I can’t wait to put that energy and love into my next projects.candy-lineScreen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.38.43 PM
Dec. 1: Kaleena🎄Dec. 2: Meeghan🎄Dec. 3: Heather🎄Dec. 4: Mia🎄Dec. 5: Spencer🎄Dec. 6: Nicole🎄Dec. 7: Destiny🎄Dec. 8: Michaela🎄Dec. 9: Siobhan🎄Dec. 10: Emma🎄Dec. 11: Kayla🎄Dec. 12: Sol🎄Dec. 13: Scrill🎄Dec. 14: KJo🎄Dec. 15: Bee🎄Dec. 16: Melanie🎄Dec. 17: J.W.🎄Dec. 18: Shanah🎄Dec. 19: Chandler

candy-lineIt’s been a few days, but I hope you had fun rejoining my #HolidayADVENTure! If Chan is new to you, I hope you also spend some time on her channels and give her some love, because she’s a great creator to follow! Happy holidays and happy reading!




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