Contemporary-A-Thon Round 5 TBR

Good morning, book nerds! 

As you know from my radio silence previous posts, I’ve been on the struggle bus lately when it comes to blogging, reading, life, etc. However, I’ve been shifting my focus and working on getting things done lately and I’m s l o w l y, but surely getting into a better headspace. Shout out to the family, friends, hubby and puppers for helping me along!

Extra epic awesome shout out to the one and only Sam over at Fictionally Sam who made my entire week by making my brand new banner:bannerI mean JUST LOOK AT IT, GUYS!! Talk about a glow up!!! Not only was Sam busy revamping her own gorgeous blog (seriously go check it out), but she also took the time to personalize my new (and definitely improved) banner! From the nods to the theater, to the sushi and the books it’s practically perfect in every way! Thank you so much to my talented friend and for the bookish community for introducing me to such an amazing pal!

My final shout out goes to a quartet of lovely ladies and their well-timed readathon that brings us to today’s post! I’m hoping this week-long readathon will help me catch up on my reading goal and FINALLY give me a 5-Star read! Scroll down to check out my ambitious TBR for the week and let me know below which prompt/selection is your favorite.

This contemporary-themed readathon is hosted by Chelsea (Chelseadolling reads), Julie (Pages and Pens), Natasha (Myreadingisodd), and Melanie (MeltotheAny)!c45b Consisting of seven challenges (see below) ROUND 5 of Contemporary-A-Thon starts TODAY (Monday Sept. 23) and runs through Sunday (Sept. 29). I’ve enjoyed partaking in this readathon in the past, and hope this time around is my most successful attempt yet! And that’s why I’m going to do my best to actually read #SevenBooksInSevenDays!! Wish me luck and check out my selections below!

1) Read A 2019 Contemporary Release.

A Five-Minute Life by Emma Scott

Released: 05/14/19 ★ Current Rating: 4.48 ★ Page Count: 335 

I’m pretty sure Emma Scott has never released a book that rated under 4+ Stars and that’s the kind of track record I’m looking for to ensure solid reads only this week. I’ve recently encountered too many disappointing books, so I’m hoping this one delivers more than just the tears that are promised by every review I’ve seen so far!

2) Read A Contemporary With YELLOW On The Cover.

With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Released: 05/07/19 ★ Current Rating: 4.31 ★ Page Count: 392

Okay, so I’m aware that the yellow on this stunning cover is limited, but like the good book nerd I am, I got approval from one of the creators to use this book for this prompt! So bases covered! ✅ Plus I’ve been itching to get my hands on another Acevedo novel since I fell hard for The Poet X earlier this year and this just seemed like the perfect time and place to cross it off my TBR list!

3) Read A Diverse Contemporary.

The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You by Lily Anderson

Released: 05/17/16 ★ Current Rating: 4.08 ★ Page Count: 339

After reading and loving my eARC of Undead Girl Gang last April, I quickly went out and ordered the entire backlist of Anderson titles. And then I quickly neglected them…until now. I bought a copy of this Shakespearean retelling for Melanie (one of the aforementioned hosts) for her birthday this year, so it only makes sense that we would buddy read this title together for this readathon.

4) Read A Contemporary With An Illustrated Cover.  

Well Met by Jen DeLuca 

Released: 09/03/19 ★ Current Rating: 4.04 ★ Page Count: 316 

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this charming contemporary set on the grounds of a Renaissance Faire and I can’t wait to see how my reading experience — dare I say — fares. This prompt was a pretty competitive category, but between the positive reviews and the promise of witty banter, I’m sure I chose wisely.

5) Read A Dark/Hard-Hitting Contemporary. 

Heroine by Mindy McGinnis

Released: 03/12/19 ★ Current Rating: 4.29 ★ Page Count: 408

If “Most Likely to Write a Dark and/or Hard-Hitting Contemporary” was a Goodreads accolade, McGinnis would definitely be among the top nominees. From her lauded novel The Female of the Species centered on rape culture to graphic and twisted thriller This Darkness Mine, McGinnis has proven she’s not afraid to go there. And this time she’s taking on the opioid crisis with a story that promises to be Heavy with a capital H.

6) Read A Contemporary With Plants On The Cover. 

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Released: 11/05/19 ★ Current Rating: 4.08 ★ Page Count: 352 

This second-chance romance is not only the lone to-be-published ARC on my list, but it’s also the only story starring a male lead/s. According to Goodreads this contemporary centers on “a secret romance book club made up of Nashville’s top alpha men” that study fictional romances in order to assist their real-life relationships.

7) Read A Contemporary That Is Beloved By A Member Of The Book Community (And Shout Out The Creator).

A Heart In A Body In The World by Deb Caletti

Released: 09/18/18 ★ Current Rating: 4.36 ★ Page Count: 355 

I honestly don’t know much about this emotional contemporary, but I’ve been told it’s best to keep it that way and to dive into this novel blind. As for a member of the community that loves this novel? How about ALL of the creators of this readathon?? Melanie, Julie, Natasha, and Chelsea have all 5-Starred this book along with tons of additional trusted sources.

Seven challenges. Seven selections. Seven days. 2,497 pages. Do you think I can swing #7in7? Are you participating in Contemporary-A-Thon Round 5? If so, what are YOU reading for the prompts? Did we share any titles? Let me know below!

And, as always: Happy Reading!





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