Give My Regards To Broadway: Day 2 – A Guide To My Weekend In NYC!

Happy Monday, Book Nerds!

Remember that time back in October when I went on an incredible (and musical-filled) vacation and vowed to break it all down for y’all? And then after posting a recap of Day 1’s adventures I kind of dropped off the blogging scene? Well, today’s post is meant to help rectify that absurd delay!Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 9.33.04 PMIn case you missed it, I’ve been very fortunate to take a trip to NYC with my mom every 2 years or so (#MomNTayVacay) where we shop, do silly touristy things, and attend a handful of the season’s top musicals. I wanted to do a write-up so that I could have a diary-esque tool to look back on in years to come. As this is probably the most personal I’ll get on this blog, I hope you appreciate the insider look! After you’ve caught up on Day 1’s shenanigans (see above link), scroll on down to check out what we managed to accomplish on Day 2!2Waking up excited for our first full day in NYC, mom and I got ready and planned how to spend our remaining free time. After packing up our belongings (we were changing rooms that afternoon) we grabbed some “complimentary” breakfast from the concierge lounge, and then headed out to catch the subway to Brooklyn. But why Brooklyn you ask? Because we decided to do something super touristy: walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Despite coming to NYC every few years, mom and I have never actually crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot, and we decided 2019 was the year to change that fact.day2collage1 Bundling up to face the wind, we emerged from the subway already awestruck by the view. We took several photos along the 2.6-mile walk (both ways), and even watched the police climbing up and down the bridge for some sort of training session. There was a helicopter that kept flying precariously close to the bridge throughout our walk, so it was a comfort to discover it was part of the police drill.

After working up an appetite on the bridge, we decided to walk to 35th street to grab some burgers from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers. Recommended by my dear friend (and native New Yorker), Lilly, this restaurant did not disappoint. Not only did we devour one of the best burgers I’ve had in recent memory, but we also ordered one of their insane desserts. Seriously check out my photo (or their Insta) to see pictures of their famous Crazyshakes. We didn’t come close to finishing it, but we had to order one to get the full Black Tap experience, right?

Fully nourished, we decided to work off the calories the best way we knew how: a shopping spree in Macy’s flagship store. I’d go into detail on how much damage we did in that multi-floor store,day2collage2 but I fear my hubby might read this one day 😂 so let’s just move along. And if you ARE reading this babe, know we got 20% off our entire tab thanks to the cashier being way too generous with discount codes. He winked so I know he was in on it, and I’m STILL thankful for it! 😊

Hauling our bags back to our new Times Square-facing bedroom, we unpacked our new wardrobes and started to get ready for the first musical of the trip: Come From Away. Telling the true story of the thousands of passengers that got stranded in Gander, Newfoundland on September 11, Come From Away was the perfect start to our Broadway weekend. The music is catchy, the choreography and staging are phenomenal, and the cast was absolutely incredible. They made me laugh, cry, and kept me mesmerized from start to finish. The best part? We got to see — and meet — several members of the OBC (original Broadway cast). And you bet your bottom dollar I fangirled like the best of them: I had Geno Carr write “STFD” on my Playbill, I told Caesar Samayoa how impressed I was with his powerful portrayal of Ali & others, and I totally lost my cool when I met Jenn Colella (read: my favorite). day2c3Seriously I got teary eyed telling her how much it meant seeing her perform a role I’ve listened to on repeat for months. She was beyond kind and told me how thankful she was she got to met me. Just an unbelievably generous and compassionate cast.

Once we were done with the stage door meet and greets, we headed back over to John’s because we’re creatures of habit. 😂 Throughout the entire dinner my mom and I animatedly talked about how phenomenal the production was and it warmed my heart to know it meant so much to her as well. On our way back to the room we got another small surprise: Jeff Daniels was leaving To Kill A Mockingbird and was signing autographs for the small amount of fans gathered in the alley. Pretty cool way to wrap up the day if I do say so myself! Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 9.33.04 PM

That’s a wrap on Day 2’s adventures in NYC. As I said before, I know it’s a bit off brand, but I hope you’re enjoying getting an insider’s look at my vacation and non-bookish hobbies. Stay tuned for Day 3 and let me know what you think of today’s post below!


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4 thoughts on “Give My Regards To Broadway: Day 2 – A Guide To My Weekend In NYC!

  1. LairOfBooks says:

    EeeeK! Love the wrap-up just wishing I’d gotten to see you but hopefully next time we can plan something 🤞🏽I’m so happy to see you and mom had a blast in the city that NEVER sleeps haha! Also, that you loved Black Tap 😋🙌🏽 I now share my meal cause #Foodcoma #Foodbaby 😂 the play sounds wonderful & how lucky to have seen/met Jeff Daniels 😱 sounds like you ladies had a EPIC trip! Till next time 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nerd Narration says:

      Aw, Lilly thanks so much! I’m so bummed we couldn’t connect this time around, but your suggestions definitely elevated our trip! I have one more day’s worth of recaps to do, but we definitely had a freaking blast. Love you and your city! ❤


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