Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 20

Evening, book nerds! So I haven't started the year off like I hoped/wanted to, but I have had a wonderful start to 2019 by allowing this week-long break. As I sit here watching the Golden Globes tonight feeling inspired by the speeches (Here's looking at you Glenn Close), I finally felt like it was time … Continue reading Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 20

Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 19

Afternoon, book nerds! First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!! Personally I had a ton of fun, but between celebrating with 3 families, work, and emergency vet visits, my "free time" was pretty much nonexistent. Due to the fact that I would have been shortchanging family time during the holidays AND … Continue reading Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 19