Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 12

What's going on, fellow book nerds?? I'm certain you read the title of this post and thought: "Hey there, Taylor! A little behind aren't we?" And you wouldn't be wrong for a few reasons: 1) I mean, I'm obviously behind there's no arguing that but I'm more behind than I anticipated because... 2) I had … Continue reading Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 12

Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 11

Afternoon, my book nerds!! First and foremost, thanks so much for all the love yesterday! I got one of those fun notifications from WordPress this morning that yesterday was my "best day for likes" ever!! Maybe this double posting thing is where it's at... ...but hopefully not lol because this is an intense pace for … Continue reading Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 11