Top Ten Tuesday: TEAL Reads

Top Ten Tuesday #49 Happy Tuesday, book nerds! As I write this intro my hubby is telling me: "You're supposed to be done." I guess that means it's "bedtime" and I need to call it a night. Probably for the best as 1) It's super late and I have work bright and early in the … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: TEAL Reads

A-To-Z Challenge: 2019 Edition

What's going on, book nerds? How's everyone's week going so far? Are you keeping up with your 2020 resolutions? Have you found a new favorite read? Let me know below! Especially if you've found a new 5-Star read! 😊 As for me? I've actually been able to keep up with weekday blog postings since I … Continue reading A-To-Z Challenge: 2019 Edition