Three-Day Lyrical Challenge: Day 3!

Happy Friday, book nerds!  If you follow my blog, you know we've reached the FINAL day of my THREE-DAY LYRICAL CHALLENGE! We spent some time with Coheed, headed to Broadway, and now you'll have to scroll down to see what song completes the trio! I wanted to thank Michaela (Journey Into Books) again for such a … Continue reading Three-Day Lyrical Challenge: Day 3!

Three-Day Lyrical Challenge: Day 2

Happy Thursday, book nerds!  As you know from yesterday's post I was tagged by the lovely Michaela (Journey Into Books) in the THREE-DAY LYRICAL CHALLENGE! It's time to check out day 2's selection, but before you scroll down, please take a moment to check out Michaela's page! Spread the love and click that link! HOW … Continue reading Three-Day Lyrical Challenge: Day 2