Top Ten Tuesday: The Original 10 TBR

Top Ten Tuesday #23 Happy Tuesday, book nerds!  As many of you know this is probably my last post before I leave for ITALY!!! Oh my goodness, please forgive me, but I HAD to share that gif. (If you've seen this beloved dumpster fire of a movie you understand what compelled me to do so.) But … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: The Original 10 TBR

Book Blogger Test Tag

Holy cats, y'all! We're officially a third of the way through the year! Can you believe it? How's 2018 treating you? Have you been hitting your reading/blogging/Insta goals?? One of the places I've been slacking recently is in the quantity of my posts. So for the month of May -- my birth month -- I've … Continue reading Book Blogger Test Tag