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I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m battling a cold/flu/sinus attack after returning from NYC yesterday, but I wanted to tell you guys about Beyond the Horizon, a WWII-themed novel centering on female pilots and their contributions during the war. Heavily influenced by her parents former professions, Ella Carey brings us an inspiring and action-pack tale of friendship in her newest historical fiction novel! Scroll down to read more about how Carey’s life inspired her latest book and enter for a chance to win YOUR very own copy!

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Beyond the Horizon by Ella Carey  

 Title & Author: Beyond the Horizon by Ella Carey
Genre: Historical Fiction/Friendship
 Release Date: October 15, 2019
 Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
 Series Details: Standalone
Page Count: 326 pages

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From the author of The House by the Lake comes a powerful novel of friendship during World War II, fighting for the truth, and making peace with the past.

At the height of World War II, Eva Scott’s dream comes true. Accepted into the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), she leaves balmy California and the man she loves for grueling training in Texas, ultimately landing at formidable Camp Davis in North Carolina.

Vastly outnumbered by men and amid contempt, discrimination, and sabotage, Eva and her closest friends, the unconventional Nina and straight-laced Helena, remain loyal to their mission and to each other. They stay focused on the horizon, determined to prove themselves capable women pilots. Until a fatal mission sends Eva’s dream crashing to earth . . .

Now, decades later, is it possible to discover the truth about the night that changed her life? Is there any hope she’ll recover all that she’s lost? When Eva finds herself embroiled in the fight to get military recognition for the WASP, she’s forced to confront the past, and to make a decision that could forever change her future.

Thrilling and inspiring, Beyond the Horizon is a portrait of love, friendship, and valor in a time of war—and a tribute to the brave women who risked their lives for their country.

PRAISE FOR Beyond the Horizon:

“With snappy dialogue, impressive historical details, a sense of adventure and courage on every page, and even a love story, Ella Carey has hit all the markers that make fine historical fiction.”  Ann Howard Creel, bestselling author of The Whiskey Sea

“Fans of inspirational World War II fiction will cheer on Eva and her fellow pilots as they chase their dreams, endure heartbreak, and discover their true strength. Carey’s evocative descriptions bring home the exhilaration of flight—and the everyday indignities endured by young women who challenged the expectations of their time. The story’s final twist makes for a surprising and moving conclusion.”—Elizabeth Blackwell, author of On a Cold Dark Sea and In the Shadow of Lakecrest

“A moving, beautifully written novel about the amazing WASP during WWII. True to life and packed full of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling like I was one of these extraordinary women pilots as I read the story.”— Soraya M. Lane, Amazon Charts bestselling author ofThe Girls of Pearl Harbor



Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.24.10 PMA VERY PERSONAL CONNECTION BY ELLA CAREY

This novel was incredibly moving for me to write. I had an emotional connection and a real interest in the topic of flying during the Second World War, as both my parents were involved. My father was a pilot in the R.A.A.F. (Royal Australian Air Force) and my mother was in the W.A.A.F. (Women’s Australian Air Force). My mother definitely experienced the type of camaraderie that the WASP enjoyed while training. Mum was based at Mallala in South Australia, on a hot, dusty, dry Air Force base not unlike that at Sweetwater.bth It was a training base for male pilots only, here in Australia, as women were not allowed to fly. Women drove trucks, manned the base, and did all the menial work required to support the male trainee pilots.

I remember my father wistfully looking up at the sky during an Air Force demonstration in my home town of Adelaide, South Australia, and I wondered what it must be like for him to see such powerful new jet aircraft, having flown in such different conditions during the war.

When I learned about the WASP, I was immediately intrigued, as here was a chance to find out more about what it must have been like for those women — and in America, they flew, thanks to wonderful women like Jacqueline Cochran and Nancy Love fighting for America.

I wanted to know more about why, when the world was at war, was it such a time of camaraderie and sense of friendship that my mother talked about?

I think that generation had an incredible sense of resilience, of just getting on with things, as they were told to do so after the war — but that came at an incredible cost to them. While they did not talk about their experiences in depth, in perhaps the way we would be more likely to do now, the psychological effects of war were long lasting and strong and often affected later generations for years to come.

I wanted to explore this angle of war, or of the post-war experience, if you like, as well as look into the wonderful, fleeting experience that World War Two, ironically, gave to women. It was a chance for so many of them to be people in their own right, rather than just being seen as someone’s wife or someone’s daughter, because the men were all away.

I think the joyful sisterhood of that generation, the way they pulled together and really contributed something for their country is just something that needs to be recognised. So many of that generation are passing now, and I think it’s important for us, for their children and grandchildren, to acknowledge the incredible short and long-term sacrifices that they made for us.

The WASP did something they loved at a time of need for their country, and nothing, to them, seemed better than that.

Ella Carey is the international bestselling author of The Things We Don’t Say, Secret Shores, From a Paris Balcony, The House by the Lake, and Paris Time Capsule. Her books have been published in over fourteen countries and in twelve languages. Her sixth novel is Beyond The Horizon, set around the Women Air Force Service Pilots during World War Two.

Ella is incredibly excited to share this book with her readers, as her mother was a W.A.A.F. during World War Two, and her father was in the R.A.A.F., flying airplanes over occupied France. Ella traveled to Sweetwater, Texas, to research the novel, and is grateful to Ann Hobing, the then Executive Director of the WASP museum for sharing her wonderful knowledge of the WASP. Ella also worked with two pilots to craft the flight scenes.

Ella loves to connect with her readers. For more information on the background to her novels and updates about her next release, and to contact her about appearances at your local book club, please visit her website.



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October 17-27, 2019

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