Holiday ADVENTure 2018: December 12

What’s going on, fellow book nerds??


I’m certain you read the title of this post and thought: “Hey there, Taylor! A little behind aren’t we?” And you wouldn’t be wrong for a few reasons:

1) I mean, I’m obviously behind there’s no arguing that but I’m more behind than I anticipated because…

2) I had this post scheduled to publish yesterday afternoon and it apparently…did not! So I guess all I have left to say is: “Good Morning, book nerds! Get ready for lots of double posting!!” 🙌🏻🙌🏻

In case you’re new to my holiday-themed series, or if you’ve missed the previous posts here’s a quick recap for you:

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, I’ll be highlighting one content creator that has made an impact in my bookish life. Each post will feature a mini bio on the day’s selected star, all of the links to their fabulous content, and a special holiday-themed glimpse into their lives.


It’s been a few days so I’m certain you’re excited to open door #12 on my Holiday ADVENTure?holly


Solomon from The Bookish King!

I actually had the pleasure of making Sol’s friendship twice. A few years ago (back when I first started getting into reviewing on Goodreads), I noticed this one reviewer EVERYWHERE.Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 10.13.56 AM His reviews were always near the top of the list, he was always commenting and chatting with people I followed, and he always seemed to speak his mind — controversy be damned. I instantly knew I wanted to befriend him. Luckily for me, he accepted. But issues arose and Sol closed down his platforms for awhile. But a few months later (maybe longer…time is a tricky thing, y’all) I started to see his name pop back up into the conversation. And I think it took about two minutes for me to resend friend requests his way.

But this time I’m thankful our friendship has grown past the “follow to follow” stage. Before I pretty much knew that he was SJM trash, loved TFIOS above anything else, and had a stunning Bookstagram feed. Now that I’ve gotten to know this Ravenclaw better (the second time around), I can honestly say he’s been such an inspiration in 2018. I mean, yes he’s still the creator of one of the most gorgeous minimalistic Bookstagram feeds out there, and he might be the ONLY person beyond Bradley Cooper who loves the A Star Is Born soundtrack more than myself, but Sol truly earned more than my bookish respect about a month ago. You see, in order to live his best life, this 18-year-old recently made the difficult decision to leave everything he’s known and move cross country to pursue a healthier living arrangement. I know we all highlight quotes like “Don’t let the hard days win,” and claim we’d do the same, but few adults I know would have the courage and bravery to put themselves first and actually follow through with action. Owning who you are at any age is inspiring, and I’m so happy to have a friend that’s continuing to do tough things in order to figure that out!

In addition to all that, Sol’s starting a brand new platform via Booktube, has a birthday later this month, and is also a genuinely kind and funny member of our community. Take some time this Saturday to explore his channels below:


1) What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays/favorite holiday tradition?

Honestly, my favorite thing about the holidays is eggnog. I love eggnog so much and it’s an actual travesty that it isn’t sold year around. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah, or any kind of “Holidays” at all because of religious reasons, I always look forward to food haahaa! candy-line

2) What is your favorite holiday scent? Or favorite holiday movie if you don’t have a fave scent? 

Hmm I’m not sure if Peppermint counts as a holiday scent, but it is the freaking best. Anything that has to do with Peppermint is instantly a favorite of mine. Peppermint Mocha’s from Starbucks are the freaking bomb and wow I’m craving one now.candy-line

3) What is your favorite holiday drink or dish?

AHA okay well f because I already said eggnog for question one…can I go with eggnog again LOL? I really eat anything with eggnog and I especially love shakes and ice cream. Those are the best and I’d sell my soul for them to be sold year around.candy-line

4) What is your favorite holiday jam?

Okay so I don’t know if you mean jam by like a song or like ACTUAL jam that people eat?? But since I don’t eat jam/jelly because it just isn’t my thing I’m going with a song. Obviously, my heart and soul belong to Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album but that runs a close second with Kaskade’s Christmas Album. I love them both and I’m listening to Mariah right now ahaha! “All I Want for Christmas is You” will always rule supreme.

*I should note, Sol is NOT the first person to ask me if I meant food or song when it came to the word “jam.” I just thought his response was funny so I had to include it in entirety*candy-line

5) What is the number 1 book you hope Santa/family friend brings you?

Uhm…this is hard because I really want the Throne of Glass Collector’s Edition, but at the same time, I also want Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows Hardcovers to go with my Queen of Air and Darkness Box.

Just choosing one book is KILLER.candy-line

6) What is something you’re thankful for in 2018?

In 2018, I’m most thankful for all the friendships I’ve made. This year has by far been the worst year I’ve yet to experience but I’m so grateful and thankful to all my friends (you being one of them) for keeping me going and always having my back. Friends are so important and I’ve really been blessed with the best ones. ❤️candy-line

7) What’s one of your goals for 2019?

One of my goals in 2019 is to stop watching so much freaking TV and stop playing so much video games. I have devoted so much time in 2018 to movies, TV shows, and video games that I haven’t been hardly reading anything. So next year I’m hoping to have a much better reading year and to just let myself relax and stop pressuring myself with so many ARCS as well. And there goes like three goals but I’m extra and just never have a good solid answer hahaha. But yeah, not so much film and video games – and more books but less ARCS.candy-lineScreen Shot 2018-12-15 at 10.31.35 AM

Dec. 1: Kaleena🎄Dec. 2: Meeghan🎄Dec. 3: Heather🎄Dec. 4: Mia🎄Dec. 5: Spencer🎄Dec. 6: Nicole🎄Dec. 7: Destiny🎄Dec. 8: Michaela🎄Dec. 9: Siobhan🎄Dec. 10: Emma🎄Dec. 11: Kayla🎄Dec. 12: Sol

candy-line I hope you guys enjoyed this truly delayed #HolidayADVENTure post! I’m certain getting to know a little bit more about Sol made it worth the wait! I’ll be back this afternoon with another holiday post so PLEASE come back and PLEASE stay tuned!! Happy holidays and happy reading!




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